At The Hair Lounge, we do more than just creating stunning hair looks for our clients. We are proud to be an environmentally friendly hair salon, with sustainability at the core of our values. 

But how do we live up to our values? Here are just a few things we do.


Why being a sustainable hair salon is important to us

At The Hair Lounge, we believe that creating exceptional hair doesn’t mean we have to compromise the environment. It’s no secret that the hair industry can be damaging to the planet, so we’re here to shake things up and do our part for the better!

We also know that a lot of our guests value sustainability; some might be vegan whilst others simply prefer to be a sustainability-conscious or cruelty-free consumers. We want to accommodate everyone, so we are proud to offer you this option at our environmentally friendly hair salon.


How are we an environmentally friendly hair salon?


1. Recycling hair for bird sanctuaries 

Did you know that many types of nesting birds love human hair to create their nests? Hair collected from salons is washed and cut into very short lengths to help the birds avoid getting tangled. It is then made into cosy nests for birds to keep warm and raise their young. 

It is a great way for us to recycle hair for a good cause, especially since it would otherwise be wasted. Plus, you can’t deny that it’s a nice thought knowing your hair could keep a bird safe and warm during winter!


2. Using Paper Not Foil for foiling services

If you’ve ever had highlights or seen someone getting highlights, you would notice the insane amount of foils that have to be used on one person. In fact, we could use up to 100 foils for just one full head of highlights!

However, aluminium hair foils can be damaging to the environment when not recycled correctly, because they take around 400 years to biodegrade. Aluminium also uses a lot of energy in production.

So, our solution was to utilise Paper Not Foil where possible in the salon. As the name suggests, these ‘foils’ are actually made from paper. Not only are they completely recyclable, but they can be reused up to 3 times and are made with very little energy.

Of course, we still have to prioritise your end result, so for certain transformations we still need to use foils. But at every chance we get, we use Paper Not Foil to seriously reduce the number of aluminium foils we use on a daily basis. 

Using Paper not foils for highlighting hair in environmentally friendly hair salon

3. Ethically sourced hair extensions from zen

Ethically sourced hair extensions mean that the company knows exactly where the hair extensions have come from and that those donating their hair have been treated fairly and paid for their hair. This is exactly what Zen do to produce their hair extensions.

Zen Hair Extensions are made from 100% real human hair that has been sourced ethically to give you peace of mind. Being sustainable whilst rocking lengthy locks? Count us in!


4. Organic and sustainable hair products

Without our range of organic and sustainable hair products, how could we accommodate both our environment lovers and vegan clients? Here are some of the product lines we use in the salon to make sure you’ve got both sustainable and vegan options.

  • Icon

When we say we love Icon hair products at The Hair Lounge, we mean it! Their products are 100% natural, organic and vegan. They even use recyclable materials for bottles and are also completely cruelty-free.

  • EcoPlex from Icon

We’ve already mentioned the whole Icon range, but this one product is something special. EcoPlex is the sustainable version of Olaplex, and can be used in the colouring process to strengthen and protect hair in a similar way to Olaplex. It’s definitely a great addition to your hair treatment that will get you extra eco-friendly points.

  • Pureology 

Pureology is another great brand we love to offer in the salons. Not only do their products do an incredible job on your hair, but they are also 100% vegan and made with sustainably sourced plant extracts. Their packaging is made from 95% post-consumer recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. Even their labels are printed with soy ink.

Pureology hair products in environmentally friendly hair salon

5. We’re actively on the hunt for new ways to be sustainable

Being a sustainable salon, to us, does not mean we implement a few sustainable practices and move on. We’re always on the lookout for new ways to be eco friendly and help our salon be the best it can be whilst also sticking to our values.


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