Here at The Hair Lounge, we are proud to be a gender-neutral hair salon! But why is having this approach so important to us? Here’s why we chose to go gender-neutral.


Gender-Neutral vs Unisex Hair Salons

Unisex hair salons are the more traditional type of hair salon and are very different from gender-neutral hair salons. 

Unisex salons will typically have services for men and women, and prices will be separated accordingly. On the contrary, gender-neutral hair salons will never divide services or prices based on gender.

We charge you for the time you spend in the salon, not for your gender. 

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Why Having Gender-Neutral Services is Important to Us

At The Hair Lounge, we have a clear ethos of creating a welcoming environment where everyone feels part of a wider family. This wouldn’t be possible for us if we didn’t make equality integral to our business values.

We are proud to have an inclusive space where you will always be greeted with a warm welcome. Our gender-neutral services allow us to not only accommodate everyone but ensure all guests have the comfort they deserve whilst at the salon. 


Genderless Services Mean Fairer Pricing

Have you ever heard of the ‘pink tax’? Traditionally, women pay more for hair services than men do. This is because visits to the hair salon are still considered a luxury for women, whereas men’s hair services are perceived as a necessity. Women with short hair shouldn’t pay more for a service than men with long hair when, typically, shorter hair takes much less time and uses less product.

Genderless pricing completely eradicates this inequality. It is so much fairer to pay based on the time taken, since this is the main expense of a hair service for hair salons.


A Big Welcome to the LGTBQ+ Community 

A study has shown that 93% of members of the LGTBQ+ community say they feel anxious about visiting a hair salon due to being misgendered.

By providing gender-neutral services, the need to even mention gender is removed, which can instantly create a much more comfortable environment for everyone, particularly those who are transgender or non-binary.

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We Want to Change the Hair Industry

As members of the hair industry, we have a responsibility to do our part. The majority of salons still separate their prices according to gender. Not only does this promote inequality in our industry, but also leaves so many members of society out.

Our 3 hair salons alone provide a gender-neutral option for people in Greenwich, Notting Hill and Essex. We feel this sets a good example for other salons and is a positive step in the right direction to improve our industry, alongside our environmentally sustainable values.


Gender-Neutral Hair Salons in London & Essex: What’s Our Approach?

So how do our gender-neutral hair services work? Our service list is based on an hourly rate, so you pay for the time spent on your hair rather than a set price purely based on your gender.

This means that if you are an individual with short hair, you might pay less than someone who has very long hair. Notice how much fairer this method is?

Along with being gender-neutral, there are other benefits to our system. Your hair stylist will focus on you and you only for your entire service, so your service should take a bit less time than usual! This method also helps us to ensure your hair stays in optimal condition since our stylists won’t be leaving product on your hair for too long.

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Book a Gender-Neutral Hair Service at The Hair Lounge

If we’ve answered your prayers with our gender-neutral system, then we’d love to take care of your hair. You can view our services for each of our hair salons below:

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