Are you thinking about getting extensions, or have just recently had them installed? Either way, you’ll need to know how to look after your hair extensions

Here are all our top tips on how to take care of your hair extensions to keep them looking and feeling fabulous. 


Our Hair Extension After Care Tips

Whilst your hair extensions will look impeccable after stepping out of the salon, they will quickly lose their glamorous finish if you don’t know how to look after your hair extensions. It is crucial that you follow the right hair extension care to ensure longevity, and of course keep your hair looking salon-styled, daily. 


Brushing your extensions

  • Use a hair extensions brush

Before you even begin brushing your extensions, investing in a hair extension brush is always a no-brainer. These brushes are specially designed with soft bristles to glide through the hair without snagging at your bonds. It will gently detangle your hair from roots to ends to keep your hair matt-free. 

  • Hold your bonds whilst brushing

After brushing down your bonds, you’ll want to hold them whilst combing through your mid-lengths and ends. This will support them and help you avoid tugging on the bonds and your natural hair. 

  • Always detangle hair extensions before bed

You’ll quickly find that you need to brush your hair a lot more often when you have extensions installed. With all that extra hair and the bonds, it’s vital that you avoid too much tangling. Therefore, you should brush your hair regularly.

Our top tip is to always brush your hair before going to bed. This is because your hair will tangle easily against a pillow. To avoid this even more, brush your hair and then tie it in a loose braid to save you some time in the morning. 

Hair extensions on blonde hair

Washing your hair extensions

  • Always brush your extensions before washing

Following on from our hair extension brushing tips, you’ll need to brush them through before washing too. Again, it’s easy for your hair to tangle when it’s wet, so brush it through first to avoid harsh matting. 

  • Limit washing to 1-2 times per week

If you’re used to washing your hair every day, then it’s time to cut back to once or twice per week. Washing your bonded extensions too often can dry them out, ultimately damaging them in the long run. If your hair is starting to look a bit greasy, then simply use some dry shampoo! 

  • Smooth shampoo down the roots

Massaging your shampoo through the roots can, you guessed it, cause tangling. Instead, smoothing your shampoo gently down the root area. It’s always a good idea to shampoo twice to ensure any product build-up is avoided. 

  • Use conditioner only on your mid-lengths and ends

Just like you would on your natural hair, conditioner should be kept well away from your roots where your lovely new bonds are. This is because conditioner can build up on the bonds, and also add excess oils to your scalp. 

  • Dry extension bonds with cool air

When drying your extensions, turn your hairdryer to the cool setting and dry your bonds first. Then, either let your mid-lengths and ends dry naturally, or use some heat protectant spray and blow dry your hair, making sure the hair dryer is not too hot.


Styling your extensions

  • Use heat protectant spray

Just like your natural hair, heat can permanently damage your hair extensions by drying them out and causing breakage. Therefore, heat protectant spray is a must have if you’re going to use any heat tools on your hair extensions. 

  • Keep styling tools and heat away from bonds

Hair extension bonds are reactive to heat and will loosen when too much heat is applied. It is recommended to keep any heat tools well away from the bonds by keeping to the mid-lengths and ends when styling your hair.

  • Reduce overall use of heat

To put it simply, any sort of heat is not ideal for your hair extensions. You can still use styling tools on your hair, but doing so less frequently will keep your extensions looking and feeling healthy, and will help you avoid damage in the long term. 


Zen Hair Extensions at The Hair Lounge

At The Hair Lounge, we use Zen bond hair extensions to ensure the best results for all of our clients! Not only are they sourced from 100% virgin hair, but they are also sourced ethically

The high quality of the extensions means they are made with longevity in mind, and can be reused for up to a year.

How to look after your hair extensions

Zen hair extensions on our lovely client

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