At The Hair Lounge, we have a talented team with some seriously cool backgrounds in film and fashion.

Our top hairdressers, Thomas Grace, Shannon Keane and Leanne Mccarthy, have worked with big names in these industries and keep on supporting incredible projects! Not only this, but it gives our clients the unique chance to have their hair done by actual film and fashion hairdressers too.

Here are just some of the jaw-dropping projects our team have worked on.

Working in Filmography as a Film Hair Stylist

Working as both a film hairstylist and make-up artist is a massively challenging yet enjoyable career. Not only do you get to travel and see many different incredible filming locations, but you also meet the most wonderfully creative people. 

A film set consists of the most talented people in one space, which is massively inspiring to us as hairstylists. From costume designers, top fashion hairstylists to make-up artists, the list could go on. 

As hairdressers, working on film has led us to have meticulous skill when it comes to bringing out your personality. Coming from a job that requires us to bring characters on a script to life, we are experts at making your personality and style shine through with your hair! 

Hair in the Music Industry and Why Amy Winehouse Wasn’t in ‘Valerie’

Moving from Lionsgate productions to the music industry now, our hair stylists really are versatile in their hair expertise. In 2008, our very own Thomas Grace was brought onto the set of Mark Ronson’s and Amy Winehouse’s ‘Valerie’ music video.

Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances, Amy wasn’t able to attend the filming, leaving Thomas and his team to work their innovative magic. As celebrity hairdressers, it was crucial to improvise so they simply created ‘The Winenettes” and transformed a group of dancers into semi-Amy styled karaoke singers. 

This just shows how our team is not only multitalented but entirely adaptable when it comes to your hair goals. There is no handbook to creating perfect hair, but our ability to improvise allows us to exceed expectations every time.

Mixing with Models & Creating Iconic Blondes

Thomas has also been a hairstylist for an international supermodel, Veronica Blume, in a Spanish film production. He created an iconic natural blonde hair colour for her, and also styled singer and actress, Leonor Watling. 

This project also required Thomas to test his make-up skills on a live lion, having to create bullet wounds & blood work on a (semi-domesticated) feline! Super scary, but exhilarating.

To put it simply, our hair salon team is on-hand with the skills to make you feel like a supermodel!

Mad Max: Fury Road Meets The Hair Lounge

Whilst you might not want your hair to look post-apocalyptic, you might want your hair done by the very hairstylist who was contracted on the set of Mad Max: Fury Road

Thomas was on set with the likes of top fashion models Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely, Abbey-Lee Kershaw, Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron, as well as other top names such as Tom Hardy, Riley Keough and Zoe Kravitz. 

If that isn’t enough to persuade you that our team can be entrusted with your hair, then we don’t know what is!

Styling Celebrities and Reality TV Show Stars

Reality TV hairstyling has always made interesting projects for our team, as contestants are eager to showcase their individuality in order to be more visible to the public. However, this is nothing new to Shannon, Leanne and Thomas, who strive to always amplify their client’s personalities and uniqueness through bespoke hairstyles. 

However, being a celebrity hairdresser is a completely different ball game. It is so important to have a strict eye for detail to make sure the hair is flawless. 

Our hairstylist, Thomas, was fortunate to be the personal hairstylist and makeup artist for TV personality and conservationist, Marelice Van Vuuren. He also created a stunning hair colour for Elijah Rowen as well as Jessica Oyelowo, Simona Roman and Sam Cassidy. 

Jessica Oyelowo with one our fashion hairdressers Thomas Grace

Our Hairstylist, Thomas Grace, with Jessica Oyelowo

Speaking of being a personal hairstylist, Thomas was the personal stylist of Estrolita Pietersen, Mrs Namibia, who participated in and won Mrs Universal which was hosted in The US. He really has done it all, from being a hairstylist for beauty contestants to big celebrities.

Being Top Fashion Hairdressers

Working as fashion hairdressers comes with crazy hair and makeup that really lets you explore creative concepts. 

Put simply, creating fashions show hair is an art in itself! You generally do not have too much time to create these looks, but fashion hairdressers are expected to deliver hair miracles – which you simply do! Thomas had the opportunity to work on a Paco Rabanne campaign which was Mad Max: Fury Road inspired. This is where he really got to put his ability to create extravagant hair and makeup to the test.

Feel Like a Celebrity at The Hair Lounge London & Essex

Hopefully, the future holds many more of these exciting and creative products for us! Get in touch directly with us to discuss the possibilities under [email protected]

We believe all of our clients should have the celebrity experience when sat in our chairs. Not only will actual celebrity, film and fashion hairdressers be doing your hair, but we strive to give you a prestigious and elegant experience.  

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