If you’re planning on getting a new haircut, it can be tricky to know what’s going to work for you, and what isn’t. 

Luckily for you, we’ve broken down some trending haircuts for face shapes to help you out.


Why face shape matters when choosing a haircut 

The most important part of choosing a haircut is that you feel your most confident and beautiful self. If that involves picking a style that is most likely to flatter your face, then great! 

However, if there’s a haircut out there that you absolutely love and that reflects your style and personality, then what are you waiting for – go get it! At the end of the day, when you’re happy on the inside, then you’re going to glow on the outside regardless of whether a haircut is the “most flattering” on you. 

That being said, some people simply want to enhance their natural beauty with a haircut that flatters their bone structure and features, and that’s okay, too! 

So, whether you want a haircut that will let your personality shine, or a style to flaunt your face shape, we’ve suggested some on-trend cuts to give you inspiration. 

If you’re unsure what kind of shape your face has, take a look at this article.


Trendy yet flattering haircuts for face shapes

1. Lobs

Lobs, AKA “long bobs” sit just below the bottom of your neck and are therefore that extra bit longer than your typical bob. They’re ideal for anyone who wants less of an extreme chop, but with all the chicness of a bob. 

What’s more, you’ll still have a range of styling options to change up your look day-to-day, so they’re a no-brainer if you love a cut on the shorter side.

  • Square

Square faces have those beautiful wide cheekbones along with a strong jawline, so a lob is the perfect way to balance these out whilst still enhancing your face structure.

  • Oval 

We’ll be honest, oval face shapes have the short straw when it comes to the difficult task of choosing flattering haircuts, since most styles will suit your face. However, lobs are especially gorgeous, as they prevent your face from appearing elongated.

Long bob hair cut for face shape

2. The shag

Where have you been over the past year if you haven’t heard of the shag! Created by Paul McGregor in the 70’s, the cut features irresistible volume at the top of the head and wispy, feathered ends using lots and lots of layers. It can be more subtle or bold depending on your personal style. 

  • Round

The heavy layers that come with the shag haircut are gorgeous on round face shapes. They’ll frame the circumference of the face, adding shape to the top half of your face and drawing attention to the lower half of your face.

  • Heart

Again, a shag with layers that rest gently along your cheekbones and forehead will enhance your face shape and allow you to flaunt your narrow chin.


3. Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs really took the world by storm in 2020 and the rage continues to grow today. This really isn’t surprising considering how heavenly they look. These bangs sweep across the perimeters of your face and fall between the ear and jaw for the ultimate face-framing effect.

  • Round

Curtain bangs were practically invented for our round-faced friends. They flatter the face by elongating it, and the results are truly sensational.

  • Diamond

With your high cheekbones, you’ll want to opt for curtain bangs that fall to the top of the ear so they can gently rest on the most flattering area of your face. 


4. Long rounded layers

Sometimes, long hair can weigh down your look. However, adding layers is the perfect way to add a bouncy touch to your hair, along with some added texture to make it more playful.

If you can’t wait to grow out your locks, then extensions are a fabulous way to add length and thickness to achieve the dreamiest looking layers.

  • Diamond

Since your forehead and jawline are the same width, longer hairstyles with a middle parting can further enhance the symmetry in your face. Layers add to the volume so that your hair doesn’t sit tightly against your prominent cheekbones.

  • Round

For long hair styles, adding layers can really make round face shapes pop. The texture from the layers will define your cheeks and the bottom of your chin to really enhance your natural beauty.

Long rounded layers hair cut for face shape

5. Blunt cut

Whether you prefer short or long hair, having blunt ends is seriously sleek, and definitely on-trend. Instead of having varied lengths like we see with layers, the entire head falls to the same length, giving you a crisp finish.

  • Oval

Oval faces are on the rounder side, so having a blunt cut is going to add some edge to your appearance. Try a blunt bob to really define your jawline.

  • Diamond

Diamond face shapes have that symmetry that just looks great with a sleek style, and you can’t get more sleek than a blunt cut! 

Blunt hair cut for face shape


6. The mullet

Although the mullet was popular during the 70s and 80s (think Bowie, Hasselhoff), it’s certainly made a comeback over the past year and we know for sure it’s here to stay. A mullet, if you didn’t know, is when the hair is shorter at the fronts and sides, but longer at the back. It’s edgy, it’s punk but somehow it’s still so chic.

  • Heart

Since the perimeters of your face are exposed with this cut, you can really highlight your bone structure with a longer mullet that goes past the shoulders.

  • Diamond

To really define your high cheekbones, go for a short, punk mullet with layers for days! 

Mullet hair cut for face shape

7. Chic pixie 

And finally, we have the chic pixie. Pixie cuts come in all shapes and sizes but to make this short cut look truly chic, it’s going to have lots of volume at the top of the head with a longer fringe.

  • Long

Shorter styles on long face shapes really are to die for! They show off your beautiful bone structure without elongating your face. Natural beauty at its finest.

  • Round

The texture of the chic pixie is a fantastic way to show off your round face shape. It’s elegant and perfect to frame the perimeters of your face.


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