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Hydrating Shampoo Bar 100g

Less than a century ago, generations used bars of soap to shampoo their hair.
The disadvantage was it would leave the hair dry and unruly. In 1933 the first liquid shampoo was designed; its water base added the
nourishment that bars were missing. Shampooing became a weekly ritual.
I knew it was time to reinvent the bar concept, but this bar needed to perform at the same level as the liquid shampoo of today.
Many shampoo bars do not leave the feeling of hydration, nor do they lather. I was not going to create a bar that did not perform to our
standards; hydration and lather were my focus. The hair had to have a clean feel while being moisturized. The lather had to be rich and
The fragrance named “where have you been” leaves you wanting to not only shampoo your hair but also wash your entire body with it.
Adding this bar to your drawers and closets will allow you to enjoy the notes of bergamot, lemon and orange.
Our hydration bar has hit the mark in so many aspects.
Although rubbing a bar on your head at first might take some time to get used to, the luxury of this bar will easily allow you to feel how
nourished each strand of hair is, with a blend of raw plant-based ingredients, amino acids, and natural shea and seed butters.
It is ideal for the consumer who is always searching for something new, wants less clutter in their shower, is concerned about the
environment, and does not buy any products that are in plastics. Wrapped in recycled paper, it helps in reducing the carbon footprint.
Ultimately it is an alternative to liquid shampoo as, at times, we need a change.
Begin wetting the bar, lather into your hands for a few seconds, then apply the bar directly to the scalp and lather. Rinse.
• Designed for personal use
• Easy for travel
• Ideal to take to the gym or use in the shower at home.
• Multi-purpose use on your body
• Add as a fragrance to your intimate items


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