Redken Shades EQ (Multiple Colours)


Loved by colorists worldwide, Redken’s iconic demi-permanent with a high-shine liquid formula that is perfect to gloss, refresh, tone and correct with no lift in as little as 20 minutes!

All shades dispatched next working day.

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01B Onyx, 03N Espresso, 03NB Mocha Java, 03V Orchid, 4ABn Dark Roast, 04M Smoked Cedar, 04NA Storm, 04NB Maple, 04Rv Cabernet, 04WG Sun Tea, 05C Chilli, 05CB Brownstone, 05CC Electric Shock, 05G Caramel, 05N Walnut, 05V Cosmic Violet, 06AA Bonfire, 06ABN Brown Smoke, 06CB Amber Glaze, 06G St Tropez, 06GB Toffee, 06N Moroccan Sand, 06NA Granite, 06NB Brandy, 06NCH Ganache, 06R Rocket Fire, 06RB Cherry, 06RR Blaze, 06T Iron, 06VB Violet Lagoon, 06VRO Mauve Rose, 06WG Mango, 07AG Smokey Beige, 07C Curry, 07CB Spicestone, 07G Saffron, 07GB Butterscotch, 07M Driftwood, 07N Mirage, 07NA Pewter, 07NB Chestnut, 07NCH Fondu, 07P Mother of Pearl, 07RR Flame, 07T Steel, 07VB Violet, 08C Cayenne, 8GG, 08N Mojave, 08Na Volcanic, 08NCH Chocolate Souffle, 08T Silver, 08VB Violet Frost, 08VG Violet, 08VRO Rose Quartz, 08WG Golden Apricot, 09AA Papaya, 09AG Glossy Greige, 09B Sterling, 09G Vanilla Creme, 09GB Butter Cream, 09N Cafe Au Lait, 09NA Mist, 09NB Irish Creme, 09P Opal Glow, 09T Chrome, 09V Platinum Ice, 09VG Iridescence, 09VRO Rose, 010N Delicate Neutral, 010VV Lavender Ice, 010Gi Tahitian Sand, 010VG Baby, 010NW Iced Pina, 010G Lemon Icing, 010T Platinum, 010P Ivory Pearl, 010AG Misty Beige, 010NA Marble, 010NB Caramel Cloud, 010N Delicate Natural, 010WG Honey Gold, Pastel Pink, Pastel Peach, Pastel Blue, Red Colour Kicker, 000 Clear, Orange Kicker, Violet Kicker, Yellow Kicker


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