As hair fanatics, we are passionate about using the highest quality products that help make your hair dreams come true. So, we looked no further than offering Redken salon services to make this possible. 

Here are just some of the reasons why we are a Redken hair salon.

Redken products in hair salon

Why are we a Redken hair salon?


1. Infinite colour pallet for bespoke services

We are proud to stock the full range of Redken colour that we have at our disposal for when you visit. With so many different colours, we have infinite possibilities (quite literally). 

Redken colours are easily mixed so that we can create an entirely unique colour that is completely bespoke to your hair goals. This means that you will always leave with an individual colour that meets your hair goals flawlessly. 


2. An option for our clients to experiment without commitment 

You might have already heard of it, but Redken has a demi-permanent colour range called Shades EQ. These are not only incredible colours, but mean that you can experiment with your hair without having to commit to a permanent colour.

This way, you can go crazy with your hair and see what you like, before we go in with permanent colours to create a look that you know you’ll adore. 


3. Maximum colour results that will blow your mind

We love seeing our clients smile when they see their new look, and we couldn’t make this happen without incredible hair colours! 

When we say that Redken creates the most vibrant, beautiful colours, we mean it. The results we get from using Redken colour always outstand our stylists and, of course, our clients. Our Redken salon services can truly not be beaten when it comes to exceptional results that never miss.

Redken salon services in redken hair salon

4. Redken salon services: Minimum stress on your hair 

So, not only do Redken products give incredible results, but they also work magic on your hair by keeping it healthy and uncompromised. 

The Redken Shade EQ range is especially renowned for this, as it has a built-in Olaplex function that means you would likely not need an additional treatment with your colour. Redken products are usually enriched with moisture and proteins that do wonders for your hair, leaving it looking shiny, healthy and new. 

Not only will you have a vibrant new colour, but your hair will feel as good as new, too!


5. Exceptional products we can’t live without

One thing we know for sure is that we could not imagine our salon without Redken. As experienced hairstylists, we know exceptional products when we use them. That’s why it was a no-brainer to us when considering Redken for our hair salon.

With the skill and talent of our hairstylist team, along with these amazing products, our Redken salon services are unmatched.


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