Caught yourself wondering ‘what hair colour would suit my skin tone?’. You’re in luck, as we have the answers you’re looking for. Here are our top tips for picking a colour based on your skin tone.


Understanding your undertones

Before we even get into what hair colour would suit your skin tone, we need to talk undertones. 

It’s generally easy to know whether you have fair, medium or dark skin. However, your undertones are colours beneath the surface of your skin that change your overall hue. It’s pretty cool to think how different our skin colours are! 

We can narrow undertones down to three main colours, which include cool, neutral and warm. Here’s a breakdown of each undertone to help:

Cool undertones Hints of blue, pink and red
Warm undertones Hints of yellow or golden shades
Neutral A mixture of both undertones. Your undertones will be close to your overall skin tone.


Still unsure what your undertones are? Try these!

Don’t panic if you can’t work out your undertones, as it can be tricky at first. Here are a few simple things you can do to determine your undertone:

  • Take a look at the veins on your wrist

Generally, green looking veins indicate warm undertones, whilst purple or blue veins could mean you’ve got cool undertones. Can’t see your veins clearly? You’ve got neutral undertones!

  • Do you wear silver or gold jewellery?

We all have a preference when it comes to jewellery, as it’s easy to tell what suits us most. If you love your silvers, then it probably means you have cool undertones, whereas gold wearers are more likely to have warm undertones. If you’re lucky enough to suit both, you’ve guessed it, you’re neutral. 

  • Did you burn this summer?

Admittedly, we weren’t blessed with the hottest summer in 2021. However, if you typically burn in the sun, it usually means you’ve got cooler undertones. But if you manage to get a golden tan, you’ve likely got warm or neutral undertones. 


So, what colour would suit my skin tone?

Cool Undertones

If you have fair skin, then it’s time to channel your inner Elsa and opt for a cool, icy blonde. If platinum is a bit too bold for you, then you can choose any ashy blonde to complement your skin tone.

Hair colour for cool undertones

For medium skin tones, we’ve got a super trendy autumn colour for you: mushroom brown. This consists of purples, browns and greys to give you that perfect cool, multi-tonal brown.

Darker skin tones on the cooler side look gorgeous with deep blue or purple based browns. Or, if you prefer lighter hair colours, you can’t go wrong with a stunning ash-blonde. 

Warm Undertones

Fairer skin tones with warm undertones can pull off that beautiful rich copper colour, or why not try a caramel blonde? If you’re wanting to go brunette, then stick to red-based browns for a flattering look.

For medium skin, we’ve got some sweet options for you. Honey or strawberry blonde will really bring out the warmth in your skin. Or, if you’d like to go dark, mahogany brown is a gorgeous option.

Hair colour for warm undertones: what hair colour would suit my skin tone

If you have dark skin, then a bright auburn colour was made for you! Similarly to medium skin tones, you can try a warm blonde or a dark, red-tinted brunette shade to make your features pop!

Neutral Undertones

We’ll be honest, if you have neutral skin tones, then most hair colours will look flattering on you. You might have a little more of one undertone than the other, in which case you should follow the above accordingly. However, choosing some neutral shades of red, blonde or brown might be your best bet!

This Redken tool is great fun if you want to see which hair colour would suit you best – all you have to do is upload a picture and it’ll give you your results! You can download the Redken Style Station app here for the best experience.


Remember – the rules are meant to be broken!

Should you really be wondering ‘what hair colour would suit my skin tone?’. When it comes to choosing a hair colour, you can be technical and pick out a colour that will be most flattering on you. But that doesn’t mean it will let your personality shine! There are no rules when it comes to hair, and we strongly believe that you should choose a style you love and that represents you.

If you’re worried about committing to a colour you haven’t tried before, then we have your solution. At The Hair Lounge, we have Redken Shades EQ on hand for our clients who want to try something new, without the commitment. 

This colour will still be vibrant and beautiful but will wash out after a few weeks. It’ll also add an incredible shine to your hair – what’s not to love?


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